Monday, June 29, 2009

Two and one

We wake up and pack up camp quick. 'The Pirate' and Darrel show up at 8am, we load Jeff's bike and gear into the truck. We say our goodbyes and Jeff leaves for Dillon while Fred and Paul venture onward towards Idaho.

The story doesnt end here, dont worry.

Jeff will go to Denver, get another bike (hopefull Specialize will deal with their failure of a bike and get him a new one) and he will rejoin the others in about 2 weeks in Wyoming or when they arrive in Winter Park, CO. Until then he plans on hiking, mountain biking (more extreme), rock climbing, and enjoying the freedom of life.

Fred and Paul will update the blog as they go while Jeff makes an offshoot for his own adventures (if you are interested in reading them). Those two are gonna have good times and meet amazing people and I (Jeff) wish them luck, and until I catch up to them, best wishes.

Caption- Jeff rushes to beat the storm by Wise River and thinks to himself "Damn Z-Spokes!"


  1. Hey, Jeff. Very sorry to hear about your tough luck, first the knee then the spokes and flat. Hope you can meet Fred and Paul soon! I want to mention that you are going near Green River Lakes (north of Pinedale) and it is soooooo beautiful there. There's a forest service campgound and a great view of Flattop mountain.

    We are all proud of you guys for persisting on your adventure. I know it was tough going...

  2. Jeff! I hope your knee gets better! I'm so glad you're still adventuring... but still!

  3. Jeff sorry to hear about your bad luck! But Im sure your little adventure will be fun too! hope your knees feel better dont get too extreame on them!