Monday, June 29, 2009

Wise River

We leave the KOA campground and gather supplies for the day. A quick stop at the bikeshop and hotel to update the blog and we go. We ride the frontage roads for the whole day, skipping the incredibly steep Fleecer Ridge, and putting us ahead a day. We take the highway along the river and see many people in boats fly fishing! What a cool site. We race through the valley and just miss getting hit by a rain storm, only to be faced with an intense headwind that takes a lot out of us.

We reach the "town" of Wise River. The only thing going on there is a mercantile where we buy microwave dinners and sit outside to eat. We meet a group of people in an RV who are traveling, one who biked from Pennsylvania to Oregon back in the 70's, and then hitch hiked back! Cool group of guys. We also take a generous helping of candy from a basket at the post office. Thanks U.S. postal service!

We bike 10 miles down the road, slow from the wind and dinner, and find a nice clearing off to the side with people's camping gear there already. It looks as though the wind destroyed half of it, and we set up on the other side. The guys come back later in the night from fishing and we chat for a bit. Again, no tarp tonight, only a clear sky filled with stars. And Jeff's knees are doing great.

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