Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seeley Lake

So we left the camp ground and purchased some candy bars at the lodge before setting off. There was a 5.5mile climb in which at the top we had to hike through the pass of deep snow and tight trails (terrible conditions). Jeff's knee started acting up and forced a slower travel speed for a bit. The downhill was great and the scenery was fantastic. We entered the town of Seeley Lake. We immediately found food down on the lake at a little shack called "Lindsays Bayburgers", where we each devoured 1/2lb cheese burgers, chips, and drinks.

At the gas station/ hardware store/ subshop/ pizza place, we asked a ranger for places to camp. Who then shows up but Tallahasee! He is looking for his other racer buddies. We follow them to the local hotel and again, a bit pricy for us, so we head to the local camp site and stay for the night.

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