Thursday, June 4, 2009

Less than a week to go

Hey everybody,

This will be the first posting on the blog that will, for the next two months, be your link to us and our adventure. We will post on it often in towns when we can find a computer, or we will have somebody sign on to do it for us. Feel free to leave your comments and advice as it will help keep us going after those long 50 mile days in the pouring rain.

A little about what we're doing.

Me (Jeff Sawicki), Fred Palmer, and Paul Stano are going on a bicycle trip that will start on the border of Canada in Roosville, MT and end in Antelope Wells, NM right on the border of Mexico. It is the longest offroad bicycle trail in the US. We are calculating our trip to be about 2500 miles. We are camping out every night (minus the hotel stay here or there), carrying all our gear on our bicycles, and will buy food and stock on water as we go.

Thats it for now. Off to train some more. Slept in the bivy sack last night in the pouring rain... must say that it was not bad but I could have used a tarp above my head to block the monsoon a little better.

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  1. Great to hear your are now on the Montana/Canada border. Cheers! Have a great Great Divide ride.