Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Nelson & Lincoln

We leave Seeley Lake for Big Nelson camp area. Not much to report there. Jeff got a flat and we camped on a gorgeous lake. And a chipmunk ate some of our food.

We head to Lincoln, a one stoplight town. We climbed 6 miles up hill and the rest was downhill, but it was not that easy. Jeff's tire was low on air, and oddly enough both his and Fred's pumps did nothing but let more air out. So much that he could not ride down the hill. After walking for 5 miles, a car finally came up the road and we were saved with their bike pump. We cruised on into Lincoln.

We set up camp at the city park and head to Scapegoat Eatery. Fred and Jeff each got a 15" pizza (taco and bacon respectivly), and Paul got a massive fried chicken dinner with jo-jo's (steak fries battered with chicken breading...weird). Back at camp another biker shows up (Andrew), he is doing the Lewis and Clark trail and is 30 days in. Andrew joins us for a walk to the store where we pick up food for the next few days. Andrew is pictured above feeding a deer that wandered up next to us.

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