Monday, June 29, 2009

The party continues to Lima (Lime-ah)

A sunset at 945pm

We wake up and hit up the RatPod breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, eggs, oatmeal, banana bread, cereals, fruits, juice, and again all free! We have thrown donations towards the cause to help it.

We call up Joe, the local bike shop owner and he opens on Sunday just for us. We buy the right spokes (they're even made in Montana unlike those damn Z-Spokes), the spline tool, and some tubes. We head out and take the interstate all the way to Lima.

Halfway there, Jeff gets a flat up front. We stop and fix it, seeing a piece of glass caused it. Then another hole is on the tube. Two flats on a brand new tube. Just as we are putting the wheel together, the back tire blows out! As if it was stabbed!!! Nobody touched the bike, we all just stared at it. We took it apart and found a big hole, but no cause. We peddal on. 2.5 miles from Lima the front tire goes flat again. The patch didnt hold. We use another. Now there are 5 patches on the new tube from that day. We arrive in Lima as the tube goes flat again.

After buying food we are going to pump the tire and go to the park. We get near the bike and the back tire blows again!!! WHAT THE HELL!? Nobody touched it, Fred and Paul just stare, and Jeff breaks something and smashes another thing. We walk to the park.

After learning and accepting that things happen for a reason, Jeff feels that because of his knees and all the problems with his bike (for no reason and without provocation), he must make the adult decision to pull out. He gets a ride back to Dillion in the morning with "The Pirate" and his friend Darrel. We hit up the local saloon, have a farewell drink, and head to bed in the town park.

A clear night with plenty of stars in the sky, and the sun still setting at 10pm.

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