Friday, June 26, 2009

Deadman's Creek

We leave after saying bye to Andrew and buying a huge floor pump at the local hardware store. The ride to Deadman was quite difficult with steep continental divide crossings...and we mean steep!!

We come down from the mountain into a dry farm land with shotgun shells echoing off the nearby hills. As we round a corner we hear a voice asking if we want water. Jeff gladly accepts and we all ride in. The man who owns the farm, Kier (K-ear), talks to us about our trip. He then offers us a box of powerbar gels. Then asking about our Ramen dinners, leaves and returns with 2lbs of frozen, fresh ground beef. Then follows that with a bag of homemade bread, onions, ketchup, mustard, and a bag of cookies. Our tears of happiness could not be stopped. He would have given us a stove if we asked (and maybe his car), but his wife dragged him off before he could.

We looked for the campsite after making a small wrong turn, yet we could not find it at all. A couple driving down the road with mean looking dogs informed us of some areas by the crick (creek in western terms), where we could sleep. We find a nice spot by the stream where we make a great fire and enjoy lots of beef!

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  1. That was nice of that man. I am glad to see there are still nice ppl in the world!