Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Whitefish Experience

Day 3, Monday night: We see a presentation at the library about energy and climate issues put on by a group of college students who toured the state on bicycles. Not a bad show to entertain us. After that, we head to the bicycle shop and ask where we can camp for the night. We are told by one of the workers that he caretakes 65 acres of property about 3 miles away and we can stay there. We gladly accept, and after buying some groceries, we ride with one of the shop employees to the ranch. The view was amazing, and the caretaker Lee, was as friendly as could be. We dined on pasta and tea, and then headed back into town to wander around, buying ice cream and looking at the mountains while we feasted. Its amazing, even though its 10pm, the sun is still setting and its light outside. (29 miles total today)

Day 4: Big Fork, MT: We ride 40 miles through gorgeous farm land, on easy pavement and gravel roads. We talk to a few locals and take a nice break before heading into the small town. We hit up a nearby bar and order a huge plate of nachos and french fries, something to calm our stomachs. Afterwards, we hit up a gift shop, and will try and find a place to camp for the evening. (42miles today)


  1. Glad you're well and safe!

  2. You are making great progress, guys. Sounds like a great start.
    -MaMa Lisa-

  3. Are you on mountain bikes or touring bikes? Talked to my brother about biking the continental divide during my adventure year. Seems like a best possible way to enter the Southwest for us...Keep keepin' it real!

  4. fred

    sean and I are concerned about your morning sickness.....
    are you pregnant?!?! also, katie and alex told me to tell you hi.
    tarin says she misses you. not sure if there's an underlying
    message there... haha. check your facebook,

    make sure to wrestle a mountain lion.