Monday, June 29, 2009

Rat Pod! Dillion to Dillon?!

We wake up to a gorgeous morning, hot sun beating down on us. We see road cyclists going by, about 20 or so before we head out. Then more come around the corner. And more. And more. We begin yelling a question to each group to find out whats going on. We find out its the Rat Pod charity ride. Another yells there are 550 riders. We were very confused when we asked where the starting point was (Dillon) and then the ending point (also Dillon). This ride is a charity ride that is 130 miles in a day around the Pioneer Mountains to raise money for Camp Make-a-Dream. A very cool event and so many bikers. They all claimed we were headed the wrong way and food was back the other way.

At the top of the peak, Jeff hears a ting and realizes he blew a spoke on his back wheel. Without the right tool we cant fix it. We flag down the mechanic thats for the ride, he helps us, only to realize that the spokes Jeff got from his mechanic back in RI were the wrong size. Great. Thanks to Richie, the mechanic for the help on the mnt.

We head down the hill and hit up elkhorn hotsprings, and asked the two colorful individuals working where the nearest bike shop is. 45 miles away. Damn. We make a sign out of a pepsi box, and after several cars, one stops. Its perfect! Three empty bike racks and he was in the RatPod ride, heading to dillon. Kevin is a true live saver, driving us and saving us a day and a half of biking.

We make it in time for the party! And what a party!!!! We dine on pulled pork, pasta salad, cookies, pie, ice cream, cake, chips, soda, free beer! I make tons of friends, all crazy bikers who did the 130 miles. And take advantage of all the free beer! I meet the people working the event, JB who works for adventure cycling and Leta and Marissa who work for the camp. Another crazy biker is Don, a mechanic from Missoula who fixes Jeff's wheel for FREE!!!!

Jeff gets on stage with the band and asks the crowd about free camping or a place to stay. We are told we can sleep at the football field at Western Montanta Univ. where the party is.

We hang out and meet more people, have more beer and food, get free bagels and bananas, and sleep for free. AMAZING DAY!! For everything bad that has happened, something amazing comes from it.

Goddamn Z-spokes...

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