Friday, June 26, 2009


Fred and Paul head off on the trail while Jeff takes the interstate to favor his failing knees. They take a wrong turn yet still have an amazing time even in the rocky mountainous terrains, at times having to throw boulders into creeks so they can make a bridge and cross.

We all ended up on the interstate and arrive in Butte, after some monsterous wind going uphill. Paul and Fred run into a nice lady after using the casinos for free food. They ask her for directions to the local bike shop where they will meet up with Jeff. She unexpectedly arrives there and offers to buy us all a large pizza, plus a six pack of Pepsi. We head to the local park where she tells us stories of the town and we chow on food.

That night we decide to stay at the hotel and have a rest day the next day. We eat a gallon of ice cream, rolos, and some green apples while watching our old friend television.

The next day Jeff hangs around in the park to rest his knee while Paul and Fred try and get more free casino food, to no avail. The town is interesting, split between historic buildings and scary places. We see Transformers 2 (AMAZING MOVIE) and head off to the KOA campground for the night.

Almost 500 miles down so far. Off to Wise River tonight.

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  1. Hey Jeff,
    Glad to hear your doing well minus the knee. The trip sounds exciting, I'm mildly jealous (ok more than mildly. Be safe!