Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Upper Lake Camp

Today Jeff departed at 8am with "The Pirate" of Lima, MT. It was strange riding without him. The ride was a long, windy battle over 57 miles with spectacular scenery! The route took us through the Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge and skirted the Centenial Mountains. The headwind was so brutal at one point that it took about 45minutes to ride 3 miles. around mile 50 We took a break at the ranger station in Lakeview, MT to eat dinner at a picnic table. Ramen and Chef Boyardee, yum. The rangers even let us use their microwave inside. As the station was closing Fred asked a Ranger about vending machines in town and was told there were none. But the Nice Ranger lady walked over to her house and brought back 2 sprites and 2 mikes hard lemonade. nice cold drinks to relax with once we got to camp. At Upper Lake Camp the mosquitos were terrible. So terrible that we built a fire to fend them off then took shelter in the bivys by 9pm.

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