Friday, July 10, 2009

Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks

On July 2nd we rolled into Yellowstone National Park. We explored the park by bike until the 8th seeing amazing geyser basins (which look like they should be on another planet), canyons, sulfur hot springs and everything else Yellowstone. The park was quite crowded with people, mostly RVs and car campers. Yellowstone had great deals for hiker/bikers. five dollar campsites just reserved for hikers/bikers. The rangers and staff treated us much differently since we weren't like the rest of the crowd which hardly ever gets 100 feet from their car. One lady Amy, who worked in one of the lodges gave us her employee ID card. We'll see if it ever comes in handy. In the park we meet a lot of nice people, most of them hikers/bikers. On the 8th we left Yellowstone for Grand Teton National Park. There was some road construction through out the way and at one point the construction workers gave us a lift through a one lane route in the bed of their pick up. Grand Teton is amazing! We have camped along Jackson Lake for the past two nights, taking short day hikes when we feel up for it. Yellowstone was great but the vibe of Teton is much better. A lot less touristy/amusement park feel and a more active crowd. Right now we are sitting in the beautiful Jackson Lake Lodge looking out at the sharp Teton peaks. The plan is to ride/camp in the park until the 13th where we will then head to the town of Jackson,WY. The Parks have been amazing so far but one thing they lack is the "Trail Magic" of the Great Divide Route.

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